On-Campus Recruiting

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RWTH Aachen offers various formats company presentations at RWTH Aachen.



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Head of Division


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Career Day – Special Fairs for Specific Target Groups

RWTH Aachen regularly holds Career Days. These are small fairs for no more than ten companies that include a company pitch, networking possibilities, and a closing panel discussion for up to 200 selected students. Career Days offer an opportunity for contact between students and companies in a specific sector. We currently offer Career Days for the following areas. Further fields and topics can and will be added in the future.

Career Day Women

if your company is specifically on the look out for women in the STEM fields, then this career day is the right event for you.

Career Day Consulting

If you are a consulting firm and would like to get to known RWTH Aachen students and doctoral candidates, then use our Career Day Consulting.

Career Day Hidden Champions

Your company is one of the so called hidden champions; you are a successful but unknown global leader and are searching for future employees to continue your success in the future. If this describes you, you are welcome at our Career Day for Hidden Champions.

Career Day Dean's List

RWTH Aachen has compiled a dean's list since 2008. The dean's list contains the best five percent of students in each academic year. If you would like to meet this target group and recruit them for your company, you shouldn't miss the Career Day Dean's List.

Career Day Schedule
Beginning at 11am Setup
1:30 to 2pm Admission, registration, networking
2pm Start and welcome
2:15 to 3:15pm Company pitches
3:15 to 5pm Break and networking
5 to 5:45pm Closing panel discussion
5:45 to 6:30pm Networking
6:30pm End
Costs starting at 1500 euros plus tax

Career Slam

At the Career Slam the Career Center offers up to five companies the opportunity to reach and contact students for an evening. The evening begins at 8pm. Each company is briefly – no more than 5 minutes – introduced by a professional science slammer. The presentation is relaxed, funny and organized together with the company. Afterwards the audience has a short opportunity to ask a company representative questions. Then the next company follows. At the end each company has a standing table where they can answer individual questions and share contact information over soft pretzels and beer. Costs start at 800 euros plus tax.

Participation includes the presence of the company – table provided – and an introduction by a professional slammer. Companies are also named in the announcements such as in emails and on the website. The cost of participation begins at 800 euros plus tax.

Pop Up Career

Rent a stand on the RWTH Aachen campus and actively initiate contact with RWTH Aachen students. The cost of the stand depends on the desired size and location. If interested, please contact us.

Business Talk

This format is specifically targeted towards students on the dean's list. The dean's list is a compilation of the top five percent of students in each academic year. In our Business Talk format companies are able to reach students in a more technical setting. In this format, companies can offer case studies, strategy workshops, and more. The company provides the tasks and the trainers. It is at the company's time and expense if it would like to provide the students with refreshments. We are happy to provide the contact information of possible caterers. RWTH Aachen provides the room and invites the students on the Dean's List. Students can be invited by course of study. The companies are responsible for deciding how many students are to be invited and from what disciplines. We are happy to provide a shortlist by having students apply to us first with a resume. Costs begin at 800 euros plus tax.


Do you already have your own idea how you would like to present your company at RWTH Aachen? We are happy to assist you. From classic company presentations (career@...) to an entire day (innovation@...), we are here to help. If you are interested in the classic company presentation format for example, we can provide you with a room – with up to 50 seats – for two hours and advertise the event on our online platforms. Costs begin at 800 euros plus tax.

Career Lunch

The "Career Lunch" enables companies to establish contact with young doctoral researchers through personal conversation and to present their company as a potential employer. RWTH Aachen has prepared the infrastructural logistics (restaurant, special conditions) for you and assumes the invitation to candidates from your desired subject discipline. The "Career Lunch" is always held on a Thursday. The company pays for the meal expenses. We charge each company 300 euros (not including tax) for preparation efforts, inviting doctoral candidates, and promoting the event.

Please contact the Center for Doctoral Studies if you have questions.