Faculty of Arts and Humanities

RWTH Aachen is not only an excellent technical university. Its Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers a broad spectrum of humanities and social science subjects. Over 5000 young adults study here.



The global challenges of the 21st century require interdisciplinary collaboration between the natural and engineering sciences and the humanities and social sciences. We work closely together with the natural science and engineering faculties on future topics such as climate protection, eHealth, or distributional justice between genders, generations, and nations.

Academic examination of our culture is thus not fixed within a certain perspective. Rather philosophical, social, and technical-natural scientific aspects combine to create a comprehensive perspective.


Broad range of topics

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is made up of three departments. They cover teaching and research in the areas "Linguistics, Literary Studies, Philosophy", "Social Sciences", and "Education, Cognition, Communication".

The diversity of the disciplines and collaboration within the departments create synergy, that shape the faculty's profile and represent its strengths.