Sign Language Projects


The research team develops various applied, scientific projects concerning the subjects of accessible communication and education, accessible media and didactics, professional rehabilitation, media competence, sign language and deaf culture.

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SignersMask Entwicklung einer digitalen Maske zur anonymen Teilhabe tauber Menschen an Diskussionen und Kommentierungen im Internet.


Spread BodySigns Implementierung der BodySigns-App in die Qualifizierung zur Taubblindenassistenz und in die Selbsthilfe.


SignCreative SignCreative ist eine Spiel- und Lernplattform für entwerfende Disziplinen. Elemente der Sign-Language können als visuelle manuelle Körpersprache spielerisch gelernt werden. Der Abgleich von Vorstellung, Wahrnehmung, Realität und Virtualität soll dabei in einer sich wandelnden Wissensgesellschaft gefördert werden.


KSL-MSi-NRW competence center for people with sensory disabilities
Analysis, Information, Orientation, Networking.

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DeafMentoring trains professionally experienced deaf people into mentors. These so-called DeafMentors advise deaf mentees. The consultation is being continuously coached by the project team. DeafMentoring is a mutual project of the University of Cologne and the competence center SignGes at the RWTH Aachen and is supported by the BMAS.


DeafExist mobilizes, trains and coaches hearing-impaired people and conditions them to the establishment of their own business.


DeafTrain develops Blended Learning seminars to train social, medial and communicative competences of deaf people.

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Gateway is an accessible multimedia information and communication platform for hearing and visually impaired people that focusses on studies and occupation.


Vibelle (Visual Presentation to Occupation, Life and Learning) is an information platform focusing on professionally relevant subjects for deaf and hearing-impaired people.


AILB (Aachen Internet Learning-software for the professional qualification of deaf people) is an eLearning-platform for deaf people in which professionally relevant knowledge in sign language is conveyed.


ATBG (Aachen testing process for the vocational aptitude of deaf people) denotes a wide-ranging testing procedure in sign language that is used for the occupational aptitude assessment of deaf people.


Fliegende Hände is the name for various CDs with which German sign language can be learnt or (addressed to sign language training staff) taught:


Research funding:
The projects DeafMentoring, DeafExist, DeafTrain, Gateway, AILB and ATBG were supported by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.