Video production

Horst Sieprath working at SignGes-Videostudio Copyright: © SignGes Horst Sieprath working at SignGes-Videostudio

The Competence Centre SignGes offers professional productions of Sign Language Videos for developing accessible approach to information for deaf people.

The supply of information as complex text in written-language or videos without subtitles are only usable in a limited way for deaf people. Videos in Sign Language, conveying the information adequately in the aspect of language and culture for this target audience, provide a remedy for this issue.


The Video production involves translating information provided on homepages, texts displayed in exhibitions and explanations of homepage-navigations in the form of sign language videos, in order to fashion written language in an accessible way for hearing-impaired people.

Also videos and information from offline media can be made accessible for deaf people by overlaying sign language videos that are produced here at the Competence Centre.



Dr. Klaudia Grote

Wiss. Geschäftsführerin





Here at the Competence Centre, the actual translation is performed by deaf employees in cooperation with sign language inmterpreters. The sign language actors are native speakers and always experienced employees, who possess exceedingly high linguistic and didactic abilities in various sign languages.


The videos in sign language are produced in the very own professional studio of the competence centre and the post-production takes place here as well. Depending on the requirements, the service includes converting to the desired format and resolution, integration of backgrounds, logos, animations, video clips and subtitles. We are happy to advise you to all questions concerning the production of sign language videos.



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