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The ATBG consists of 23 single test procedures to determine vocational aptitude, especially translated for deaf people or specially constructed for them. Every procedure is accessible by selecting DGS- and LBG-videos. Each of the computer based test procedures contains an integrated standardization for deaf people. That way, the individual performance of a hearing-impaired subject can be compared to the performance of other hearing-impaired people through random samples (N>1000). And particularly the test ensures a fair comparison to the performances of hearing people who took the original test procedures. The evaluation and conversion to a standard value is done automatically.

By now the ATBG is being apllied by numerous facilities working in basic and advanced training of deaf people in Germany, e.g. in numerous career and education facilities, special services for integration and ‘Salo’-subsidiaries.

If You operate in this field of work and are interested in an accessible instrument that is fair in respect of deaf culture to capture the vocational ability of deaf people, then contact us and we will give you further information on how and where to apply the ATBG.