General information

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The Competence Centre SignGes offers a range of services such as Sign Language video production and courses in the fields of Sign Language, Deaf culture and accessibility.

The video production comprise translations of homepage texts, exhibition texts and navigational explanations in the form of Sign Language videos. The aim of these translation videos is to make written information accessible to hearing-impaired people.

The courses offered include advanced training material derived from research and project activities of the Competence Centre SignGes (DeafTrain, DeafExist).

The accessible documentation of events and selected parts of conferences respectively is realized by SignGes in accordance with the client’s requirements.

The documentation service includes among other things, the making of audio-visual recordings of lectures and discussion rounds and their postproduction. This involves the insertion of subtitles and/or the overlay of Sign Language translations.

In addition, SignGes offers the translation of texts and audio recordings into Sign Language, which are then provided in the form of Sign Language videos.

SignGes has also been successfully selling digital media products such as the German Sign Language learning and teaching DVD - "Fliegende Hände", and a Sign Language-based test battery for the vocational aptitude testing of people who are deaf - “ATBG" (Aachener Testverfahren zur Berufseignung von Gehörlosen).