German Sign Language

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SignGes conducts Sign Language courses for students of all fields of RWTH Aachen University. The courses DGS I - IV build upon each other. Finishing course 4 will leave the participants with a basic expertise of the German Sign Language.

The courses make use of the course concept Fliegende Hände , which was developed by SignGes. The main focus of the concept is the transfer of communicational abilities.


All in all, there have been more than 2000 students that have been taught by sign language lector Horst Sieprath since 1990. In 2016 he celebrated his 25th service anniversary and was bestowed the teaching award of the philosophical faculty of RWTH Aachen University for his extraordinary merits in teaching. Furthermore, SignGes conducts sign language courses and sensitization seminars for speech pathologists, educators in kindergartens, deaf pupils in schools and the trained staff of the nursing school at the the University Hospital Aachen.


The dates and deadlines for current courses you will find on rwthonline.

Just type "DGS Kurs" or "Horst Sieprath" into the search field.

There are always two parallel DGS I courses that are congruent. After that, there is one course each for the levels DGS II, DGS III and DGS IV. As long as the courses take place online, ten fixed places are allocated per course.

Registration must take place via rwthonline.