Space, Body and (De)Sign


Since the winter term of 2015/16 students of archtiecture can learn how to describe spatial arrangements, forms, movement and patterns with means of a visual-gestural language as the German Sign Language. This is conducted at the Chair of Visual Design (BIG) as part of the optional courses of the master studies.
Horst Sieprath (SignGes) develeoped the basic concept in cooperation with Hannah Groninger (BIG) and conducts the worksho. The workshop takes place each semster back to back on 4 days each one as a full-day event and consists of four modules. The students will learn, how to describe space, form and patterns in sign language. One of the modules serves as preparation for the exam.


The educational objective oft he workshop is the activation and improvement of the visual-spatial imagination by means of physical performance. That way, space, pictures and objects are not only expressed verbally, but also sensomotoric through orientation in space. Using the sign language space contributes to the understanding of forms, spatial relations and perspectives and makes it easier to produce gestural-manual signs.
The workshop 'Space, Body and (De)Sign‘ is offered to students of engineering and informatics since winter semester 2017/2018.