General information

For more than 20 years now the sign language research group of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at RWTH Aachen has carried out research in the field of sign language.

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Board of directors

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The Signges directorate is composed of professors from various fields, the scientific executive board and the employee representatives.

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SignGes-Team 2023 © Copyright: SignGes

The SignGes employees come from many different fields of studies and can therefore contribute a wide range of qualifications to the project work.

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SignGes Videotechnik

SignGes is equipped with an excellent HD-Video conference solution. Combined with Smart board technology, this enables location-independent meetings in both sign and spoken languages.

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SignGes Inclusion at RWTH

Many colorful hands. Text: Inclusion at RWTH Aachen University with SignGes © Copyright: SignGes

SignGes has been involved in the field of inclusion and accessibility for many years.

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