Division 1.3 - Central Examination Office


Division 1.3 - Central Examination Office belongs to the Department of Academic Affairs and Registrar's Office within RWTH Aachen's Central University Administration.



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Information for Students

Information on office hours, registration and deregistration, withdrawal from exams, and advising services is available at:


Our Responsibilities

Our staff supports the faculties in implementing newer examination regulations and conducting exam administration for exam boards in various courses of study, with a few exceptions. This includes the administration of exam registration and cancellation and similar work, such as grade registration, issuing certificates or transcripts, and checking admittances or non-admittances to exams and final theses.

Communication and Advising

A crucial part of our work consists of the communication and advising that takes place at the cross section of the Central Examination Office and RWTH Aachen courses of study for all those involved. This means faculties and students.

Project Involvement

Together with the faculties and the RWTH Aachen Campus team, the Central Examination Office currently contributes to the Examination Performance and Course Management Project, the PuL-Projekt.

Online Services

At the beginning of Winter Semester 2018/19, the exam management services were launched on RWTHonline. You can register for your exams for Summer Semester 2019 from April 1, 2019. Please note that this does not apply to a small number of seminar and practicals that have earlier registration deadlines – for this reason, we suggest you check the information provided by the faculty or department on a regular basis. Please also note that these functions are not available for students of medicine and dentistry.

What happens to CAMPUS-Office?

You can print out certificates and view your achievements and transcripts of records attained until Summer Semester 2018 using the VZPA functionalities on CAMPUS Office.


FAQs from Examiners

How do I log in as an examiner?

Please go the the RWTHonline website and click on the "Login Access" button in the "Login for students and employees" box. Enter your user name, formerly termed "TIM code," and your password for CAMPUS-Office/Web Services.


Why can I see lists for other examiners in my teaching unit?

The "Performance Records" function will be made available at the organizational level in late November. For this reason, after login, all lists belonging to the teaching unit chair can be viewed.

How do I get to my exam/assessment lists?

Beginning December 3, 2018, exam and assessment lists for exams in the winter semester of 2018/19 can be viewed and grades entered using RWTHonline.

Navigate to your organizational unit (see the RWTH documentation portal: Eigene Organisationseinheit finden) and select the Exam Management application. Enter your Exam Management PIN and click on the Login button. When examiners open the application for the first time, their PIN code will be displayed. Please note down this code as it will be displayed once only. You can change the PIN code in the Exam Management application under “Settings.”

You can find your exam/assessment lists in the “Assess Exams” application. Please note that students who have de-registered or withdrawn from an exam are no longer listed in the candidate list. The participant lists can imported to your computer in the CSV (Excel) and XML formats. The file name proposed by the system is not to be modified, as it will not be recognized by the system upon re-import.

The lists include student ID, last name, first name, course of study, number of exam attempts, and the grade (with comments).

Please note that students who have de-registered or withdrawn from an exam are no longer listed in the candidate list. As a result, the RU and RT entries used in the past system will no longer be required. Entries such as cancellation due to illness, AT for short; termination of an exam due to illness, PA for short; or non-admission, NZ for short, due to missing work and achievements; continued to be contained in the lists. Further possible entries include deletion of an exam registration, S for short; deletion of an exam, E for short; deletion of grades upon degree completion within the nominal duration of studies, G, GA, GL for short; and anullment of an exam, A for short. These entires can be found in the “Vermerk” (“Note”) column.

How do I view last-minute changes in my exam/assessment lists?

Exam/assessment lists are changed all the time – students withdraw from exams or submit doctor's notes. If you have exported a participant list a few das before an exam, you may receive error messages when re-importing the list, for example if you want to overwrite grade entries made by the ZPA in the meantime (such as Q for doctor's note) or want to grade students who have de-registered from an exam.

How do I enter grades?

With the “PV-Leistungserfassung” (“PV Performance Record”) function, those responsible for the assessment of exams within an organizational unit can enter exam and assessment results. You are able to enter comments on grade and additional comments on grades in the grades section, print out exam records and mark exams as “valid.” You can also delegate the validation of exams to another qualified person in your department.

There are two possibilities of entering grades.

1. Direct entry of grades

In the Exam Management application, invoke the “Assess Exams” application. Choose an exam date for which you want to enter grades and click on the „Assess“ button or, alternatively, in the candidate column on the number of currently registered candidates. Thus you are shown the list of candidates, for whom you can selected grades (from the drop-down-box) or enter them manually in the candidate column. You can go to the next candidate by hitting the ‘enter’ key. Since for each exam performance a date must be specified, please add the date unless it has been entered in the exam registration process.

An entry is saved by clicking the “Save” button. By saving the entry, in most cases, the grade is not as yet visible for the student. To make the grade available to ZPA staff and to students, who might want to register for follow-up exam dates, it is necessary to mark the entered grades as “valid.” To do so, first, you must print out the exam record. Select the relevant exam record in the yellow box, right under “Print,“ and click on the PDF icon. You can save the record or print it out. Only after you have done so, you can mark the grades to be valid. More detailed instructions on how to do so will be provided in the RWTHonline Dokumentation Portal (de) in November.

2. Import of a List

Lists “exported” and saved in the Excel or csv formats on your local computer can be re-imported into the system after the grading process. Instructions on how to do so will be provided in the RWTHonline Dokumentation Portal (de) in November. After completion of the data import, please press the “Save” button. In order to make it possible for students and the ZPA to view the newly entered grades, it is necessary to print out the exam record and subsequently mark the grades to be “valid.” Please note: Entries in the institute list that are do not exist in the candidate list will not be saved! If there are such entries in the institute list, please notify the ZPA.

In what format do I have to enter grades?

Grades are entered into the “Grade” field.

All grades have two digits with one decimal place; following the German convention, the two digits are separated by a decimal comma (not a decimal point) – e.g. “1,3”, “2,7”, or “5,0”. Each grade bigger than 4.0 leads to the status NB, that is “not passed”. In case of "No appearance" ("Nicht erschienen") please enter the grade “X” into the system, which corresponds to a grade of “5,0” (NE/not passed). If an exam or assessment is not graded but the candidate can pass or fail, please enter “B” for “passed” ("bestanden") and “5,0” for “not passed” ("nicht bestanden").

Pursuant to the General Examination Regulations (ÜPO §10 (1)), in-between grades can be given by adding 0.3 to or subtracting 0.3 from the regular, i.e. whole-number, grades 1 to 5 (excluded are grades such as “0,7”, “4,3”, “4,7”, and “5,3”). Other grades cannot be entered into the system. The grades also apply in Diplom, Magister and State Examination (teacher training) courses. Also possible entries such as M (passed with a grade of at least ‘sufficient’/4.0), Q (doctor’s note), R (permitted withdrawal), S (cancellation), E (replacement), A (annulment), G/GL/GA (deletion of grade) and PAQ (exam terminated / doctor’s note) cannot be entered by instructors at the department/institute.

What do I enter if students were not admitted to the exam?

RWTHonline allows you to specify requirements for admission to exams in the system, and the system automatically verifies whether the candidates meet the requirements. For the winter term, in most cases, the so-called “preliminary exam registration” process was activated. That means that students register for an exam, but the registration is conditional on the student meeting the requirements for admission to the exam.

If these requirements are met by the student and the automatic verification yields a positive result six days before the exam at the latest, the student is automatically registered for the exam. If this is not the case, the student will be automatically deregistered from the exam. Until the result of the “requirements verification” is available, the student is “preliminarily registered.” The requirements for each exam are represented in RWTHonline, and the system automatically checks whether they are met by the student.

If the requirements have not been specified in the system, you as the examiner must verify whether the candidate has met the requirements and enter the grade comment “NZ” in the grade field if this is not the case. Within the grade correction deadline (mid-May, mid-November), you can overwrite erroneous NZ for exams already declared to be valid.

What do I enter if students terminate an exam due to illness?

If a student falls ill during an exam and terminates the exam, please enter the note "PA" ( = exam terminated) in the "grade" ("Note") field.

If the student does not submit a doctor's note, this entry means that the student has failed the exam (grade 5,0). If the students submits a vaild doctor's note to the ZPA after the exam, this entry is to be changed into "PAQ", which stands for "exam terminated with doctor's note." In this case, the terminated exam attempt is considered as a retroactive withdrawal from the exam due to illness.

Further steps are determined by the Guidelines for Inability to Take an Examination due to Illness, which you can find also in the Wiki intern (de), accessible from the RWTH network.

What do I need to pay attention to when sending a list?

The Excel or csv file must remain unchanged, except for the grade and date entries. If there are cases in the institute list, that are not in the ZPA registration list, these will not be saved.  Please notify these cases with the ZPA separately.

Why do entered grades have to be marked as "valid?"

t is necessary to mark the entered grades as "valid" in order to make the grade available to ZPA staff and to students, who might want to register for follow-up exam dates.

Can I make changes after saving the entered grades?

Examiners can supplement or change grades after saving them. A grade may need to be changed after a student views their exam or after an oral supplemental exam.

After the exam administration system is switched to the following semester, examiners can no longer make entries. Please inform the ZPA of results if necessary.

Do I need to pay attention to anything when entering the grades for oral supplemental exams?

After oral supplemental exams, please do not change the assessment date, since the examination date counts.

Can I also view results after assessments have been closed?

Teaching units can view grade lists for the past two years through the function "Noteneinsicht für abgeschlossene Prüfungen“.

Which abbreviations is the examiner able to enter on their own?

  • B = a pass-fail exam has been passed
  • X = exam no-show
  • NZ = the requirements for admission to an exam have not been met
  • PA = exam terminated by student – if the student does not submit a doctor's note, this entry means that the student has failed the exam (grade 5,0)
  • U = an examination offence has been committed and thus the exam is declared invalid and marked with a fail grade (5,0)

How long must exams be kept?

You can find the regulations for saving exam work and exam records in the Guidelines in the Official Notices.


Your ZPA Contact

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Name Contact
Allgemeine Anfragen
Prüfungsamt ZPAPhone: +49 241 80 90710

Carola Babinecz
Phone: +49 241 80 90850

Nadja MertensPhone: +49 241 80 90710

Gudrun LöhrerPhone: +49 241 80 96742

Melanie Taschbach
Phone: +49 241 80 90702

Tim Söhnen
Phone: +49 241 80 94318

Prüfer ExternPhone: +49 241 80 90710

N. N.Phone: +49 241 80 90710

Ursula KuckPhone: +49 241 80 94337

Sara KayaPhone: +49 241 80 96745

Julia BündgensPhone: +49 241 80 92861

Sachgebiet Übergeordnete Koordination
Stellvertretende Abteilungsleiterin:
Leiterin Sachgebiet Übergeordnete Koordination
Tanja Krause
Phone: +49 241 80 90711

Math.-Techn. Assistentin, Datenverarbeitung
Sofia Judizki
Phone: +49 241 80 96849

Kevin DörrPhone: +49 241 80 97277

stellv. Sachgebietsleiterin ÜKO
Galina Pitschelatow
Phone: +49 241 80 97278

Julia FriesenPhone: +49 241 80 97273

Saskia HolwegPhone: +49 241 80 92773

Mareike MeinertPhone: +49 241 80 92774

Martina Hornberg
Sachgebiet I
Studiengänge der Fakultäten 3, 4. 6 & 8, International Academy
zusätzlich Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen FR Bauingenieurwesen, Elektr. Energietechnik, Maschinenbau, Werkstoff- & Prozesstechnik
Verteilung der Studiengänge auf Mitarbeiter/-innen unter http://www.rwth-aachen.de/kontakt-zpa
Leiterin Sachgebiet I
Polina Lewerenz
Phone: +49 241 80 94349

Felicia SchaffhausenPhone: +49 241 80 94335

Souria El AissatiPhone: +49 241 80 96744

Lisa SchumacherPhone: +49 241 80 96744

Hilal IsiktasPhone: +49 241 80 97280

stellv. Sachgebietsleiterin SGI
Anna Hamacher
Phone: +49 241 80 96746

Sebastian SchererPhone: +49 241 80 97063

Hannah WeyermannPhone: +49 241 80 97275

Biljana ZitoPhone: +49 241 80 94346

Margarita KapchitsPhone: +49 241 80 90806

Petra PriemerPhone: +49 241 80 94343

Sachgebiet II
Studiengänge der Fakultäten 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7, Biomedical Engineering und Logopädie
Verteilung der Studiengänge auf Mitarbeiter/-innen unter http://www.rwth-aachen.de/kontakt-zpa
Leiterin Sachgebiet II
Stephanie Schweitzer
Phone: +49 241 80 94314

Torsten LoevenichPhone: +49 241 80 97061

Patricia StammsenPhone: +49 241 80 94340

Daniel BarbarelloPhone: +49 241 80 94342

Alisa FoitPhone: +49 241 80 90662

Anna BraunPhone: +49 241 80 94347

Gaby CüpperPhone: +49 241 80 90690

stellv. Sachgebietsleiterin SGII
Petra Merkens
Phone: +49 241 80 94336

Sascha BielefeldPhone: +49 241 80 97271

Margarethe WeidlerPhone: +49 241 80 94348

Lisa SchwierPhone: +49 241 80 97276

Dimitrula LiontosPhone: +49 241 80 90666

Dorothea SchleicherPhone: +49 241 80 97274

Helene Mekle
Doris ZirrPhone: +49 241 80 94340