DeafDidaktik at "Sehen statt Hören"


Sign language in the education of deaf people

DeafDidaktik Start Screen of the Education Congress 2021. Film still from "Sehen statt Hören".

"Sehen statt Hören", the format in German Sign Language of the Bayerischer Rundfunk, has published a programme on the topic of sign language in the education of deaf people. It explores the question of whether the ever louder demands for instruction in DGS are finally having an effect, and what the implementation looks like or could look like.

Sign language lecturer Horst Sieprath from SignGes is represented with an interview on the DeafDidaktik project, which was presented at the Education Congress of the German Deaf Association.

The programme entitled "Our Future: Children and Sign Language", was broadcast on 05 June 2021.

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