First large DeafDidaktik Workshop successfully held

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On Saturday, the sixth of November 2021, the first big DeafDidaktik Workshop took place successfully with 128 participants. The DeafDidaktik Team of the Competence Center for Sign Language and Gestures of the RWTH Aachen University gave lectures on deaf didactic principles and processes, as well as on their application in the classroom. In addition, the participants were able to work independently with the DeafDidaktik Team in three working groups on the topics of DeafDidaktik Methods, DeafDidaktik Games, and Metaphors and Mnemonic Bridges to develop ideas and concepts.

DeafDidaktik is a teaching method in German Sign Language (DGS) that creates a coherence between a visually oriented knowledge organization of deaf and hard of hearing students and visual teaching methods and materials. DeafDidaktik aims to make the aesthetics and grammar of visuospatial sign language fruitful for teaching by analyzing the natural language structures of DGS, identifying different design principles, and consciously using them to develop visual (digital) materials.
This would not only benefit hearing impaired students, but everyone could benefit from it. So far, various DeafDidaktik principles that should be taken into account in teaching at schools with a special focus on hearing and communication as well as exemplary deaf didactic teaching materials could be developed.


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