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Test for measuring the planning skills of deaf people in German Sign Language (DGS)

The entitlement of people with profound hearing impairment to participate in society, education and work is enshrined in law. Within this framework, the ability of those affected to plan and structure everyday life and work appropriately represents an important core competence. If necessary, targeted interventions to support inclusion can be derived from an appropriate diagnosis of planning competence. Methods available on the market are not suitable to measure the planning competence of deaf people and therefore disadvantage this target group (e.g. due to written instead of sign language construction of corresponding methods). The project 'DeafTour' is an interdisciplinary cooperation between the LuF Health Psychology and SignGes to develop and test a culturally appropriate, barrier-free and valid procedure to measure planning competence especially for deaf people in German Sign Language (DGS).

Project Partners and Principal Investigators:

  • Department of Health Psychology (LuF GP), Institute of Psychology, RWTH Aachen University: Prof. Dr. Viktoria Arling
  • Competence Center for Sign Language and Gestures (SignGes): Dr. Klaudia Grote


RWTH Aachen University, Exploratory Research Space