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Term and Funding

Das Projekt DeafTrain wird von 2012 bis 2015 mit Mitteln aus der Ausgleichsabgabe des Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales gefördert.

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The project DeafTrain contains Blended-Learning courses to train job-relevant communicative, medial and social competences of deaf people. Its primary goal is to improve the social integration and professional rehabilitation of adolescent and adult deaf people. This is achieved by the following procedure:

Blended-Learning seminars regarding the accessible support of social, medial and communicative competences of adolescent and adult deaf people are developed in particular consideration of the needs of deaf people with migration background.

Experts working in the education and advanced training of deaf people are trained and supported in the use of Blended-Learning seminars.

A lecturer platform gets developed in which the download of multimedia seminar materials, a social network for instructors, virtual learning rooms and eLearning courses in medially, linguistically and culturally adapted formats are offered.

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In the DeafTrain project, seminar materials and concepts are developed. They allow the target group of hearing impaired people the acquisition of social, medial and communicative competences and skills. Besides the acquisition of subject-specific knowledge, they are a prerequisite for a successful integration into society and the first job market. All seminar modules are adapted to the communicative, didactic and cultural needs of this target group and are realized multilingually and with the help of multimedia. Seminar concepts and materials are developed by deaf and hearing experts of the SignGes-Team, produced as sign language videos with subtitles and offered via a tutor portal. This portal can draw on existing technical developments of the research group and can be linked with established sign language portals like and to ensure an immediate introduction to practice. The seminar materials can be downloaded and used for the daily work by all the participants and institutions that work in the education and further education as well as the enrolment of deaf people. The seminars are held by team members on request in vocational education facilities, integrational services, schools, counseling and support institutions and self-help groups. The experts on-site are thus instructed in the use of accessible and sign language seminar conceptions and materials (Train-the-Trainer).

Additionally to the seminars and the multimedia course material for deaf people, eLearning content and virtual learn rooms are offered on the lecturer platform. They give tools to lecturers which allow them to offer the communicative skill level necessary for the occupational maturity in the relevant fields of knowledge of German and English written language (writing workshops) as well as in important subfields like media competence for example. What is more, language seminars are being developed that are especially adapted to the needs of deaf people with migration background and that besides the German written and sign language also draw on Turkish and Russian Sign Language.


The DeafTrain project is supported from 2012 until 2015 with means from the countervailing charge of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.


Sarah Bednarek, Antoinette Brücher, Daniela Driesen, Dr. Klaudia Grote, Benno Hermes, Ege Karar, Dr. Florian Kramer, Leo Klinner, Sandra Lintz, Frauke Lorbach, Ramona Overlack, Felix Schaap, Kathrin Schmidt, Christian Schönrank, Isa Werth


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