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SignCreative is a blended learning project funded by the "Fellowship for Innovations in Higher Education" programme of the Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research NRW and the Stifterverband.

The blended learning concept deals with the question of how the findings of embodiment theory – not the dichotomous separation of body and mind, but the interaction of body and psyche – can be taken into account for creative subjects in the development of digital university teaching. SignCreative encounters the discrepancy between haptic-real and virtual-digital reality in an increasingly complex interplay of man, media and technology. With the help of gestural-visual body language (German Sign Language, DGS) the sensomotoric coordination and perception of space and environment is to be built up and a creative natural handling in the process of developing and creating ideas and artefacts is to be promoted. In face-to-face courses, subject-relevant elements of visual-spatial sign language are taught especially for students of the designing disciplines and made available in parallel on the SignCreative educational platform as e-learning media. The aim is to embody mental ideas with the help of exchange of linguistic expressions of the German Sign Language (DGS), to position them directly in real space with the help of gestures and signs, to dimension them and thus to comprehend them. Pictorial worlds are then no longer merely consumed, but are manually visualized in three dimensions and at the same time physically experienced.




Hannah Groninger


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The project signcreative is a cooperation of:

SignGes – Kompetenzzentrum für Gebärdensprache und Gestik an der RWTH Aachen

Lehrstuhl für Bildnerische Gestaltung (BiG) an der RWTH Aachen


SignCreative was produced with the help of an interdisciplinary team of professional sign language actors, communication designers and computer scientists. The platform, which is divided into learning and games, serves the purpose of own experience and discussion with the German Sign Language, repetition and independent further development.


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