Fliegende Hände


„Fliegende Hände“ (Flying Hands) is an established Teaching and Learning Concept distributed via DVD to learn the German Sign Language. It was developed by deaf and hearing employees between 1996 and 2000 as part of the GIN-Project at RWTH Aachen University. To this day it is being used in all of Germany at universities, community colleges and many other institutions.


The 4th edition of the Learning Software „Fliegende Hände“ contains all four courses on a single DVD. All in all those courses contain more than 4000 different Sign Language videos. Among those you will find about 300 phrases - ranging from compound expressions to descriptions composed of several sentences. The course handbooks are provided as PDF-documents and can be printed or read on screen.


With an intuitive user guidance, the Sign Language videos can be selected and used in various ways:

  • The Learner can assemble individual video playlists, based on the prefered interests and demands .Those playlists can be queued and vocabularies can be repeated multiple times.
  • The videos are presented in a high resolution and can be played back in full screen, this way being recognizable even from farther distances.
  • All vocabularies included in the software, can be selected conveniently via a search bar.
  • There are two different Practice-Modes:
    Single signs are queried through keyboard input.
    Phrases are queried through a multiple choice test.


The project was funded by the Ministerium für Arbeit, Gesundheit und Soziales NRW.


Antoinette Brücher, Francis Klein, Silke Lintz, Sandra Lintz-Naumann, Dr. Ulla Louis-Nouvertné, Horst Sieprath, Daniela Raabe-Driesen,

Team (new programming)

Thomas Lehmann, Sabine Kortlepel, Julia Schrot


Fliegende Hände Software