Courses in German Sign Language at the RWTH Aachen

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SignGes conducts sign language courses for students of all disciplines at RWTH. With an exam at the end of the semester, students can earn credit points relevant to their studies. However, the courses are also open to interested students without an examination and the acquisition of credit points. And students from outside RWTH are also welcome as guest students!


The courses DGS I - IV build on each other. With the completion of the 4th course the participants have a basic competence in German Sign Language.

There are always two parallel DGS I courses, which are congruent. After that, there is one course each for the levels DGS II, DGS III and DGS IV. As long as the courses take place online, ten fixed places are allocated per course. Depending on the current situation, the courses take place in presence.

Registration must take place via RWTHonline (see info box for more information)


Dates and Registration

The dates and registration deadlines for the current courses can be found on RWTHonline. Just type "DGS course" or "Horst Sieprath" into the search field.

If you are a guest student, please send an email to Horst Sieprath (


In total, more than 2000 students have been taught by sign language lecturer Horst Sieprath since 1990. In 2016, he celebrated his 25th anniversary of service and was awarded the teaching prize of the Faculty of Philosophy at RWTH Aachen University for his outstanding teaching.

Furthermore, SignGes conducts sign language courses and awareness seminars for speech therapists, kindergarten teachers, deaf students in schools and professionals at the nursing school of the University Hospital Aachen.