School and Inclusion


SignGes, in cooperation with Frau Prof. Köhler (Chair for heterogeneity ), offers academic content to the topic ‚School and Inclusion’. In these seminars teacher trainees discuss issues and questions concerning inclusion.

In cooperation with the centre of teacher training (Lehrerbildungszentrum) of RWTH Aachen University, ‚School and Inclusion’ has been added to the teacher training program.

In cooperation with Prof. Kuchler (Teaching and Research of science didactics) [Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Didaktik der Wissenschaften] this course was conducted for students of political and social sciences in the form of a block event.


The goal of the seminar ‚School and Inclusion’ is conveying practical abilities. Based on the german version of the index of inclusion (Boban & Hinz, 2003) the processes of schools developing towards inclusion can be experienced. Reflecting on schools developing towards inclusion is done with these three dimensions of the index in mind:

1. How can inclusive structures be established?

2. How can inclusive practices be developed?

3. How can an inclusive culture be created in schools?

At the same time, it is emphasized with the aid of practical examples, what accessible didactics might look like and how to conduct oneself towards people with a specific disability. The legal aspect is discussed as well.


To register for a seminar, please send an email to Frau Dr. Grote:

Here is a link to a video of a block event which took place in 2015:

Youtube: Schule und Inklusion