General information

Teaching German Signlanguage © Copyright: SignGes

The Competence Centre for Sign Language and Gesture is engaged in various courses of studies inside and outside of the RWTH Aachen.

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Teaching Sign Language © Copyright: SignGes

SignGes conducts Sign Language courses for students of all fields of RWTH Aachen University. Finishing course 4 will leave the participants with a basic expertise of the German Sign Language.

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Seminar: School and Inclusion

SignGes, in cooperation with Frau Prof. Köhler (Chair for heterogeneity ), offers academic content to the topic ‚School and Inclusion’. In these seminars teacher trainees discuss issues and questions concerning inclusion.

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At the moment, three promotions are being processed at the center of SignGes:

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SignGes supports bachelor and master thesises, dealing with topics of sign language and deaf culture.

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Signges offers internships in the context of applied research projects regarding the field of sign language.

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Space. Body and (De)Sign

Since the winter term of 2015/16 students of archtiecture can learn how to describe spatial arrangements, forms, movement and patterns with means of a visual-gestural language as the German Sign Language.

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